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Coming in January 2023

Financial Parenting
Action Pack 

A Step-by-Step ACTION PACK for parents to successfully introduce money to their kids.  Take your child on a fun and engaging money learning journey, designed specifically to boost the financial literacy of kids ages 5-10y!

FREE access for Masterclass participants.
  • 8 eBooks

    all in rhymes!
  • 20+ characters

    to discover
  • Quizzes

    on our books
  • 20+ side-stories

    to explore...
  • Many hours

    of learning and fun!
    • Lots of Surprises

      along the way
    • Activities

      for kids to enjoy
    • Level-up Badges

      for your child to earn!

    Who is Marty?

    Marty is the protagonist of the SMART WAY TO START rhymed book series on money, equality and sustainability for kids, brought to life by financial parenting expert Dr. Mara Harvey.

    Marty is the new Money Hero our world needs and a new role model for children! Empathetic, empowered and environmentally conscious, Marty will introduce your child to the essential money skills they'll need for life. All Marty's stories are in fun rhymes and there are many side-stories to discover about her family and friends, too! They all  want to make good choices every day to protect our planet. Your child will meet many relatable characters along the way.

    With our stories, we'll also teach your child about sustainability and biodiversity: find out all about Marty and her friends' favourite animals and all their pets, too! They each have their own short stories! 

    With our Action Pack, your child will learn:

    • Smart Earning
    • Smart Saving
    • Smart Spending
    • Smart Spending with digital money
    • Smart Choices
    • 17 Sustainable Development Goals
    • 12 Rs for a Regenerative Economy

    What's included?

    • eBooks incl. unpublished stories!
    • Short stories on book characters
    • Quizzes to encourage learning
    • Games to keep kids engaged
    • Certificate of level completion

    Hands-on learning

    Concrete steps to start your child's financial literacy learning journey.
    It's easy and it's fun!

    Action Pack value: CHF 195.- 

    FREE for Masterclass members and NFT Holders of Financial Parenting World!
    Our gift to you!

    This ACTION PACK for Parents gives you everything you need to start important money conversations with kids and kick-start their Financial Literacy Learning Journey. This is a space where you can take your child by the hand and teach them all about money and sustainability, with ease and in an engaging way. As you go through the levels, you will find all our ebooks for kids, all the side-stories of our book characters, and all our activities for children.
    Enjoy the journey! We are here with you every step of the way!

    REMEMBER: YOU as parents are your child's most important role model. What we provide here are just tools to help you on your way. If you haven't already done so, do take our Financial Parenting MASTERCLASS, so you'll have all the skills to be your child's BEST money role model - and FREE access to this toolkit.


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    Our SDG book has been endorsed and published by the United Nations. Teach your child all about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and how they can start doing good, too!

    Dr. Mara Harvey

    Masterclass Instructor
    & Financial Parenting Coach
    & Author of Smart Way to Start
    & Author of Women and Risk
    SDG Advocate


    Hi, I'm Mara, the founder of Financial Parenting World. Economist by background (Dr. Rer. Pol. Summa Cum Laude, Fribourg University, Switzerland), I am a senior leader in Finance, trained at Harvard and IMD. I have over 21 years experience in wealth management, working with billionaire families across Europe, and driving social & digital innovation across the financial industry on a global scale.
    My journey in finance led me to focus on my biggest passion: Financial Parenting! I spent years exploring what wealthy parents are most concerned about: how do I teach my child the value of money, and ensure they grow up with good money habits?
    Today, I am pioneering new ways to help all parents be their children's best Money Role Models. I hope to see you in my FINANCIAL PARENTING MASTERCLASS: the world's first and only comprehensive financial parenting course on money, ethics and impact, with everything you need to shape your kids' financial future!

    Book reviews

    Playful rhymes and bright illustrations bring a fun approach to a serious, important subject. Financial literacy is not a common topic in children’s books, especially not fun, playful books with Seussical rhymes and cadences. But that’s just what Mara Catherine Harvey offers in A Smart Way to Start, addressing early childhood financial education. 
    A Smart Way To Start (Marty's erstes Geld) is a great children's book that stimulates not only children but also adults to think. The rhymes and the beautiful illustrations make it fun to deal with the topic of money and this journey can start early.
    Age recommendation: 5-12 year olds.
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