10x Your Kids' Financial Future
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The world's 1st Financial Parenting Masterclass with all you need to teach your child basic financial literacy and prepare to 10X THEIR FINANCIAL FUTURE

PROBLEM: Most children never learn Financial Literacy
  • Parents avoid or delay important conversations about money with their children until it is too late: adult Money Habits are largely shaped by age 7.
  • Schools do not teach small children Financial Literacy and Parents often don't know how (because no one taught them).
  • Parents are concerned their children will not appreciate the value of money and will take things for granted
  • Children grow up making unnecessary Financial Mistakes that cause a lot of stress in adulthood 
  • Children and young adults miss out on decades of wealth creation because they lack Financial Literacy skills
Taught by Dr. Mara Catherine Harvey, senior leader trained at Fribourg University, IMD and Harvard,
 with 21+ years experience in Wealth Management working with Billionaire families internationally. 

Are you putting your child at disadvantage by not taking responsibility for their Financial Education?

As a parent, it's your RESPONSIBILITY to prepare your child for their future, teaching them how to manage money and resources, and helping them understand how their money choices will impact their life and the world they live in.

What is your child learning about money just by observing your behaviours?

Will your child appreciate the value of money,  growing up with good money habits?

Are you helping your child to avoid common mistakes young adults make with money?

Are you preparing your child for the world of digital money & crypto currencies?

Assess you Financial Parenting Skills:

Everything you need to master Financial Parenting

Hi I'm Dr. Mara Harvey and this is my Financial Parenting Masterclass. If you've been searching for professional Financial Parenting advice you’ve come to the right place. I offer the world's 1st and only, comprehensive MASTERCLASS, providing you with the knowledge and skills you need to become your child's BEST MONEY ROLE MODEL  and boost their financial future with good money choices, ethics and positive impact!

Online course

8 modules consisting of 2 to 3 video lessons of approx. 15 minutes each  (18 lessons in total with assignments and assessments). To consume during an 8 week timeframe or at your own pace.

Group Coaching

8 live sessions (1 x Week)  to share the latest research and address all your questions after each module. Voice your concerns and recieve guidance on how to fine tune your financial parenting to your specific circumstances.

Actionable Toolkits

Every Module comes with a dedicted toolkit to facilitate your Financial Parenting journey. Put learning into practice and get your kids highly engaged: downloadable tips, templates, and 6 eBooks for your children!

Masterclass Modules

Video Lessons

Live Zoom Sessions

Parenting toolkits

Action packs for kids

Masterclass Modules

Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Module 4
Module 5
Module 6
Module 7
Module 8


Explore the life-long benefits of good Financial Parenting and find out why children ideally need to learn essential money habits by age 7. It's never too soon to start financial parenting and we will take you through everything you need to know, step by step.

M=Mindful     A=Actionable     S=Structured     T=Trustworthy     E=Ethical     R=Relatable


How is Financial Parenting defined? What are the four objectives? And what are the three fundamental principles of Financial Parenting? This module covers all the basics to kickstart your journey.

LIVE session - Financial Parenting Goals
Beyond the objectives and learning goals for your child, gain access to the latest research and data. Find out which parenting competencies will we be strengthening throughout this course and join our financial parenting community.

M=Mindful     A=Actionable     S=Structured     T=Trustworthy    E=Ethical     R=Relatable


For you to be your child's best money role model, we first need to set a solid foundation, reflecting on what money means to you: emotions, beliefs, mindsets and values.
What habits are you teaching your child without even knowing it? 
Lots to explore... and it's worth it!

LIVE session - Financial Parenting Foundations
What do you value about money? We'll unpack this multi-faceted question together, addressing enablers and inhibitors for your child's relationship with money.  Share your views with our parenting community and benefit from other parents' insights and experience. 

M=Mindful     A=Actionable     S=Structured     T=Trustworthy     E=Ethical     R=Relatable


How can you teach your children the value of money? Are you teaching children to spend before you are teaching them where money comes from? The very first money skill our children need to master is Earning. Yet sadly, we often start by teaching them how to spend. Can you introduce paid chores without making family life transactional?
There is a way! 

LIVE session - Smart Earning
"Wealth is the hardest thing about parenting!" Join our conversation on the psychology of earning, looking below the tip of the iceberg. And we'll explore how and why reading aloud to your child reinforces their financial literacy learning journey.

M=Mindful     A=Actionable     S=Structured     T=Trustworthy     E=Ethical     R=Relatable


Saving is the most essential money skill our children need, given they are likely to live 100+ years! And yet storing money in a piggy bank is not enough. How do we teach small kids that money can actually grow? And can you really 10x your child's financial future? 

LIVE session - Smart Saving
Being on autopilot is great for driving long distances but terrible for financial parenting. We'll discuss ways to "switch off autopilot" and take control of the steering wheel, to instil good savings habits. It's time to crunch some numbers, too: how do you get to 10x?  And what about balancing the motivation to save with the impatience to spend? 

M=Mindful     A=Actionable     S=Structured     T=Trustworthy     E=Ethical     R=Relatable


Spending money is fun - but it's fraught with difficulties, too. How do you plan wisely what to spend your money on? And what is the true cost of a purchase? Lifestyle vs Wealth: all the guidance you need to help your child become a smart spender!

LIVE session - Smart Spending
Let's talk about the pressure our children are under to consume. Displays of lifestyle are the opposite of building wealth. What's the key to being a truly heroic role model for your child? Tips and tricks to curb a child's spending sprees and to guide them on the trickiest part of their financial learning journey. 

M=Mindful     A=Actionable     S=Structured     T=Trustworthy     E=Ethical     R=Relatable


Digital money is all around us every day - but what difference does a digital experience make, compared to handling coins and banknotes? The short answer is: it makes a HUGE difference. So you need to be even smarter in financially parenting your child. 

LIVE session - Digital Money
Do you have more or less control over spending when using digital money? And what about paying pocket money in crypto currency? Join the debate on the pros and cons. We'll discuss how and when it makes sense to introduce your child to debit and credit cards, to borrowing and lending. And in preparation for their future, will your teen need to "build credit"?

M=Mindful     A=Actionable     S=Structured     T=Trustworthy     E=Ethical     R=Relatable


Money skills are skills for life. What are the long term benefits for your child? We'll show you how good financial parenting will equip them with skills, values and confidence that will serve them well throughout adulthood.

LIVE session - Money Skills are Life Skills
From social & emotional skills to executive functioning: what else can you do to enhance your child's brain development while teaching them financial literacy? We'll leave you well equipped to continue your parenting journey and send you on your way with a few extra tips and recommendations. And of course, there are many more treats in store for your child! After all, their financial literacy learning journey has only just begun!

M=Mindful     A=Actionable     S=Structured     T=Trustworthy     E=Ethical     R=Relatable


Money is not just a transmission of value: it's a transmission of values! Where does money go when we spend it and what does it do? How can you teach your child about money's impact on our world, in easy, understandable terms? We have the answer.

LIVE session - Smart Choices
Join the conversation in our parenting community and exchange tips on sustainable choices that matter to you and to your child. We'll be announcing some treats we have in store: from empowering kids to learn all about the "12 Rs" of sustainability, to SDG exploration in Augmented Reality! Doing Good has never been more fun!

M=Mindful     A=Actionable     S=Structured     T=Trustworthy     E=Ethical     R=Relatable

Set strong Financial Parenting Foundations

Become your child's Best Money Role Model

common mistakes most parents make

Give your child a financial head-start in life

Teach your child 4 Essential 
Money Habits 

Introduce Responsibility and Money Ethics to your child

Help your child avoid Mistakes most young adults make

Prepare your child for  digital money and crypto currencies

Meet Your Instructor

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This Masterclass is a comprehensive learning journey, explaining the principles and objectives of Financial Parenting, how to set a solid foundation for your financial parenting, how to teach your child the four Essential Money Habits they need to learn by age 7, and the implications of physical and digital money on a child's money attitudes. Importantly, Parents receive knowledge, tools & support that enable to become their child's Best Money Role Models,  by transforming  daily interactions with money into Meaningful Money Moments (creating learning opportunities for kids).

The course highlights the Skills, Values and Confidence building blocks your child is learning as they engage with money.  Your child will develop good money habits for life, understanding how to manage money wisely and becoming aware of the impact their money choices will have on their future and the future of our planet. As integral part of the Masterclass benefits, you will also have access to a series of eBooks with rhymed stories on money, ethics and sustainability for your child to enjoy!

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Why choose our Financial Parenting Masterclass

Financial literacy is not taught adequately in schools - especially not in early childhood, when money habits are formed for life. Teachers do not interact with money in front of kids: they can at best impart theory, but cannot be a child's money role model. Role Modeling good financial behaviours is up to us Parents.
The implicit and explicit financial socialisation of your child will determine their financial future.

With my unique FINANCIAL PARENTING MASTERCLASS you will be equipped with all the 
insights and tools to start your journey, guidance on how to put financial parenting into action, and a deep understanding of the skills, values and confidence building blocks your child will develop as they practice managing money.

Expert Advice

Learn the money mindset and parenting skills of the world's top professionals.

Extensive Toolkit

Fillable pdfs, downloadable action packs, quizzes and more!


The #1 course to become a certificate Financial Parenting HERO and become your child's best money role model!


Many surprises in store for your child, to make learning about money and sustainability so much more fun!

Dr. Mara Catherine Harvey

Masterclass Instructor
& Financial Parenting Coach
& Author of "Smart Way to Start"
& Author of "Women and Risk"
& Keynote Speaker
SDG Advocate

About me

Hi, I'm Mara, the founder of Financial Parenting World. Economist by background (Dr. Rer. Pol. Summa Cum Laude), I am a senior leader in Finance, trained at Fribourg University, Harvard and IMD. I have over 21 years experience in wealth management, working with billionaire families across Europe, and driving social & digital innovation across the financial industry on a global scale.  My journey in finance led me to focus on my biggest passion: Financial Parenting! I spent years exploring what wealthy parents are most concerned about: how do I teach my child the value of money and ensure they grow up with good money habits?   Today, I am pioneering new ways to help all parents be their children's Best Money Role Models.  I hope to see you in my FINANCIAL PARENTING MASTERCLASS: the world's first and only comprehensive parenting course on money, ethics and impact, with everything you need to succeed at financial parenting and shape your kids' financial future!

I have also authored and published a book to encourage more female financial participation and empower all women to take control of their financial futures. I hope you enjoy reading it: Women and Risk: Rewriting the Rules, Nikolai Intelligence & Publishing, Berlin, 2018
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Start today!

Your child's financial future is in your hands. Completing this Masterclass  is a great way to ensure you can be the best money role model for your child  (even if you might have missed out on this as you grew up). Thanks to you, your child will grow up to be money smart and won't miss out on wealth creation over their lifetime.
 It's up to you: 10X their financial future, starting today!

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