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Introduction to Financial Parenting

Why is financial parenting so important? Why do you as parent need to take responsibility for your child's financial eduction? Who is our Masterclass for and what will you learn?  Discover why this is the best investment in your child's education you'll ever make!

Join the conversation and meet your instructor:
Dr. Mara Harvey

Have you been searching for professional Financial Parenting advice? If so, you’ve come to the right place. 
We offer the world's 1st and only, comprehensive Financial Parenting MASTERCLASS,
providing you with all the knowledge and skills you need to become your child's BEST MONEY ROLE MODEL!
Prepare to 10x their financial future with good money choices, ethics and positive impact!
Meet the TEAM

Your Instructors and their Crew

Dr. Mara Harvey

Founder and CEO
Mara is the Founder of Finanical Parenting World and is themastermind and pioneer behind the world's first Financial Parenting MASTERCLASS. She is the author of Women and Risk: Rewriting the Rules (2018) and of the Smart Way to Smart book series for kids on money and sustainability. She holds a doctorate with highest honours in Political Economy and has worked as senior leader for 21 years in wealth management, advising billionaire families internationally.  
You can book Mara for 1-on-1 coaching sessions in English, Italian, French and German.

Tammy Johnston

Financial Expert and Author
Tammy is a financial expert with over three decades of experience. She founded The Financial Guides and authored the children's book series Financial Foundations. Feeling that everyone needs a sound financial education she created “Financial Journeys” to provide the accurate, unbiased, basic information in simple English that we all require, but can’t easily find. Further expanding her educational and value added offerings, Tammy created “Sandwich Safaris”, “Business Builder Nights”, and “Small Business Class”.

Sanaa Voss

Crypto Expert 
Sanaa is a certified Crypto Finance expert and Decentralised Ledger Technologies (DLT) innovation advocate. Knowing how much effort it takes to understand and see through the fast-evolving world of crypto, she asked herself: "why could nobody explain it to me in a simple way?". It is the desire to go back and explain to her "younger self" the important elements in a clear and holistic way, that brought Sanaa to creating a comprehensive crypto parenting course, so every parent can explain crypto to their kids and accompany them on their journey into web3.

Marty Banks

Book series
Marty is the protagonist of
A SMART WAY TO START, a rhymed book series
a Financial Literacy learning journey for kids ages 5-10y, on money, ethics and impact (available in E, F, D). In each story, Marty guides young child in managing money, sharing what she has learnt and the smart choices  she makes! The fun rhymes and delightful illustrations make the lessons memorable - for life!

Financial Guides

Book series
The Financial Guides are the protagonists of the FINANCIAL FOUNDATIONS book series by Tammy Johnston and Janice Blaine, explaining to kids ages 9-13y how money works. In six engaging stories, the financial guides accompany children in learning about money, knowing where you're going, knowing how to plan, knowing how use the right tools, stying the course can getting ready to play the greatest game on earth! 

Bilby Banks

Mascot and NFT
Bilby is our new mascot and NFT (coming soon)!
With Bilby Banks we are reinventing the piggy bank, traditional symbol of wealth and prosperity, and introducing the Bilby Bank as a new symbol of wealth and biodiversity - the very source of human prosperity. Because money is a transmission of values: every money choice we make can be a force for good!

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