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Financial Parenting

Explore the benefits for your child of good Financial Parenting!
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    Dr. Mara Harvey
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    What is Financial Parenting all about?

    This introductory course will help you understand why good Financial Parenting is critical for your child's early childhood development (3-10Y) - and for their financial future! The habits they form in their early years will stick with them for life - whether or not you are teaching them about money actively and intentionally. Leave nothing to chance!

    Designed for any parent, grandparent, godparent, relative or teacher who would like to actively shape a child's financial future, and would like understand the benefits of taking our Financial Parenting MASTERCLASS. 

    You will learn:

    • Why Financial Parenting cannot be left to chance!
    • Financial Literacy gaps and Wealth gaps
    • The definition of Financial Parenting
    • When to start Financial Parenting
    • How your child develops money habits
    • What to expect from our Financial Parenting MASTERCLASS


    Kids ages 8-10 who look to their parents for advice on money


    Parents who have some reluctance to discuss money matters with their kids


    Single income parents* who are confident having money talks with their children 


    Kids ages 11-14 who turn to social media to seek advice on money matters

    * in newly-single income households, post-pandemic
     T.Rowe Price: Parents, Kids and Money survey, 2022. Over 2000 Parents surveyed

    Dr. Mara Harvey

    Masterclass Instructor
    & Financial Parenting Coach
    & Author of Smart Way to Start
    & Author of Women and Risk
    SDG Advocate


    Hi, I'm Mara, the founder of Financial Parenting World. Economist by background (Dr. Rer. Pol. Summa Cum Laude, Fribourg University, Switzerland), I am a senior leader in Finance, trained at Harvard and IMD. I have over 21 years experience in wealth management, working with billionaire families across Europe, and driving social & digital innovation across the financial industry on a global scale.
    My journey in finance led me to focus on my biggest passion: Financial Parenting! I spent years exploring what wealthy parents are most concerned about: how do I teach my child the value of money, and ensure they grow up with good money habits?
    Today, I am pioneering new ways to help all parents be their children's best Money Role Models. I hope to see you in my FINANCIAL PARENTING MASTERCLASS: the world's first and only comprehensive financial parenting course on money, ethics and impact, with everything you need to shape your kids' financial future!

    Course reviews

    I knew this would be on a high level in terms of quality, but it was stellar! It raises awareness for a very important aspect of parenting.
    Clear and concise, a loud call to action for any parent. We can all do better when it comes to financial parenting. There is a lot to learn!
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