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Financial Parenting StarterKit

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Digital Financial Parenting StarterKit

Secure your Child's Financial Future
  • 5 Pdf Books

    Book Bundle
  • 5 Video-Audio Books

    Video-audio Book Bundle
  •  4 Lesson Course

    Taught by dr. Mara Harvey
  • Bonuses & toolkits

    For kids & parents
    Books Bundle

    5 Pdf & Video-audio Books

    Full set of all 5 books from a Smart Way to Start series 
    + free sticker sheet.

    What’s inside?

    • A SMART WAY TO START (Book 1) on earning money and equal pay.
    • A SMART WAY TO SAVE (Book 2) on saving your hard-earned money.
    • A SMART WAY TO SPEND (Book 3) on how to spend it wisely.
    • A SMART WAY TO SPEND DIGITAL MONEY (Ebook, Secret Chapter of Book 3) on how to spend digital money with care.
    • A SMART CHOICE TO MAKE (Book 4) on doing good for the environment with your money choices.
    • A SMART WAY TO START DOING GOOD (Book 5) on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

    This version is digital only

    This version of StarterKit is only digital (Pdf books & audio-video books).
    If you want also Physical Book Bundle Please follow the link below.
    Online Couirse

    4 Habits Online Course

    4 MONEY HABITS is an introductory online course that will show you how to kick-off your Financial Parenting so you can start Actively Shaping Your Kids’ Financial Future today.
    It will take you 5 days, 15 minutes a day to complete.

    What’s inside?

    • Teach your Child Smart Earning
    • Teach your child Smart Saving
    • Teach your child Smart Spending
    • Teach your child how to make Smart Money Choices

    Actionable Bonuses

    Our Financial Parenting Bonus Pack will give you all essential tools you need to start your Financial Parenting journey.

    What’s inside?

    • Money Messages Guide
    • Money Manifesto
    • Smart Earning Plan
    • Smart Saving Plan
    •  Saving Jar Labels + Tracker
    • Smart Spending Plan
    •  Smart Choices Plan

    Dr. Mara Harvey

    Masterclass Instructor
    & Financial Parenting Coach
    & Author of Smart Way to Start
    & Author of Women and Risk
    SDG Advocate


    Hi, I'm Mara, the founder of Financial Parenting World. Economist by background (Dr. Rer. Pol. Summa Cum Laude, Fribourg University, Switzerland), I am a senior leader in Finance, trained at Harvard and IMD. I have over 21 years experience in wealth management, working with billionaire families across Europe, and driving social & digital innovation across the financial industry on a global scale.
    My journey in finance led me to focus on my biggest passion: Financial Parenting! I spent years exploring what wealthy parents are most concerned about: how do I teach my child the value of money, and ensure they grow up with good money habits?
    Today, I am pioneering new ways to help all parents be their children's best Money Role Models. I hope to see you in my FINANCIAL PARENTING MASTERCLASS: the world's first and only comprehensive financial parenting course on money, ethics and impact, with everything you need to shape your kids' financial future!

    Course reviews

    "I learned a lot of handy new tips. Refined procedures that I am already doing and enjoyed learning brand new techniques I haven’t done before."
    "This course is a wonderful way to become more confident with procedures that will allow for better standard of care and level of proficiency."
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