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Smart Way to Start
Financial Parenting StarterKit

Our StarterKit I a great tool that will  help you start your Financial Parenting Journey and start the conversations about Money with your child.

- Read the whole series of rhymed stories to your children and teach them in a fun way how to handle every aspect of money.

- Take our introductory online course 4 Money Habits You Must Teach Your Kids to Secure Their Financial Future and kick-start your Financial Parenting journey.

- Use our Fun Bonuses to teach your child the basics of Financial Literacy
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Why Smart Way To Smart Loves Intuitibrix:

Smart Way To Start is all about using analog tools to give kids a strong financial literacy foundation before unleashing them into the world of digital money. Helping a child to strengthen their numeracy skills is essential for their financial literacy. With Intuitibrix, any small child can learn to associate numbers to quantities: it’s haptic and easy to visualise small numbers and big numbers. From there, to basic math is a hop and skip… or rather a simple stack of bricks :)

We recommend Intuitibrix for every parent who wants their child to learn basic math in a meaningful, playful and hands-on way - before introducing pennies and coins.
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Magrid Education

Why Smart Way To Smart Loves Magrid:

MAGRID is an award-winning, scientifically tested, 100% visual-based pedagogical program that improves early childhood development of math, visual-spatial, and cognitive abilities while helping teachers and parents save time, and improving student school performance.

We recommend Magrid to any parent who wants to support small children to develop their problem-solving skills - an essential competency for dealing with money decisions later on in life!
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